Painting Your Exhaust Pipe

Can you painting exhaust pipe?
Sure you can. But let's be very clear about something first. You cannot just grab any can of paint of the shelf from your local discount auto parts store. You must get a VHT heat-resistant paint to handle the high temperatures of the exhaust system.

Now, like the nice thing about painting your pipes is there are so many colors available, you are bound to find something out there to complement the color of your bike. We've been even seen people do custom graphics and fades on their pipes. But by far, the most popular color of paint your pipes is flat or matte black.

Unless you are getting a set of raw pipes, there is some prep work to do before you paint. For the example if the pipes are chromed, you will need to strip the chrome off before you paint. Sand or media blasting is the preferred method to make sure the surface is free of any grease or oil-in fact it's a good idea to wear gloves when handling the prior to painting.

With that done, all it takes several cans of your favorite heat-resistant paint and some care full painting. Several light coats are much better than triying to cover the exhaust in one fell shop. Long, smooth back and forth strokes making sure you overlap-is the way to go. While this may soud like overkill, it's not.

Trust me, the extra time it takes to paint the pipes right will pay huge dividens when they are back on your bike.

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